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Saranya Tracey

I’ve been in private practice as a psychotherapist for 29 years. At the advent of the pandemic I began doing therapy consultations solely via webcam. I am continuing the use of doxy.me as the avenue by which we will meet, as my other patients like it very much. They have found that they are better able to focus deeply on their thoughts and feelings, and to process them more effectively for their growth. Scheduling therapy appointments amidst busy lives is more convenient. We can see each other's faces, on the full screen, which includes facial expressions. It is more conducive to sharing from the heart and recalling instances in their lives that relate to their session, clients report. I hope you will give it a go and try this unique and effective way of having your therapy session.

 What do you do to get past obstacles that are confronting you so that you can travel in a straight line to your success? I can help you with that.

Saranya is a psychotherapist that helps her clients to transform themselves, in addition to solving problems, especially for transitional phases of life. Complications arise only when one doesn't look within to see the whole picture and take one step at a time.

As a results-oriented and a solutions-oriented therapist, I am client-centered and fully present with every client, a presence, that is focused on you, in order to enter your world. This is the ground work in a therapeutic electro-magnetic field, which is mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually grounded. As a transformational therapist this promotes self-growth and helps to overcome the blocks that cause anxiety. I will help you to discover the ability to fulfill the aspirations that you have, both personal and in you profession.

Saranya works best with people who want to expand their horizons. This starts with expanding your inner self, which is where you'll find the personal power of your true self.

Life transitions are transformations waiting to happen. Transitions are asking for you to change in some way. Transitions of great change involving many areas of life, are difficult when trying to do it alone. I help you to acclimate yourself to such changes as divorce; transitioning out of the military and into civilian life; death of someone; and many other situations one may confront in life. I can help you.

The loss of a loved one to death is very challenging. For each client there will be a different way of way of grieving the loss of someone you love  and coming to a place of peace.

According to C G Jung, a death that is so traumatic is apt to constellate an archetypal theme bringing an intense amount of emotion. It requires one to go deeply into the reason the loss becomes a trauma that one has to recover from. This kind of response is usually stronger in intensity.  When we work with this in therapy sessions it will ultimately free you from any unnecessary suffering. There is necessary suffering to bring you inward to the reality of what is inside of you. And there is unnecessary suffering which has many personal complexities.  Divorce is also a type of loss and can have many emotions and thoughts that are too confusing to work out by yourself.  Loss of a job, or starting a new one can also be a challenge to work on any blocks you may have.

Jung's Active Imagination is one way to get to the heart of things; briefly, this is an imaginative technique. I also use questions, much after Socrates' techniques both of which are very gentle yet powerful techniques of healing. I minored in Philosophy in college and continued to study it on my own, Socrates moved me to realize that asking what do feel about that or why is a great way to let tlyou have confidence in your own answers. 

For Active Imagination, just bring your imagination! And for Dialoging just bring your heart and mind. Having read almost all of Plato's works on Socrates: who he was, what he was about and why his teachings were so potent, made me realize just how important the simple truth of the art of the question can be.

I try to  let your answers lead me to a therapy session that will be essential to the changes you want to make, the relief from depression, anxiety, and whatever you may be experiencing.

I have always worked with my clients, and still do, by going back to the cause of their suffering and finding specific moments that they felt almost brainwashed into holding beliefs about themselves that simply were and are not true about them. Children succumb to this because they are dependent and scared of losing love. If they are not seen, in childhood, for who they really are, a depression and confusion about their lives will settle in. It is my job to help you to become aware of any false beliefs, and let them go. Your will gradually find different ways to think about yourself. Releasing that baggage is very happy-making!

Please fill out a form and email it to me with a little bit about why you are seeking therapy at this time. Please leave your name and number and I will get back to you. Thank you.

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