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Loss. You can grieve over many different kinds of losses. You may grieve after a divorce, after retiring from your job, from having lost your childhood because you were appointed to a certain role in life from your childhood on. Yet it is not quite as final as death. You have to keep on top of the bereavement process during your life just to make sure you're getting closure and that it doesn't overlap with other circumstances which cause a great feeling of loss. But death is quite different. How many times have we said to a loved one, or they to us, "what would I do without you?" Even when you expect a loved one to die, like a parent it's still a shocking thing. Here today gone tomorrow. What if a spouse dies young or old? Or a child? These are heartbreaking events that we go through in a world that is ever changing; as Buddhists call it: "Impermanence."

The loss of a spouse of a child is can be devastating. And some people continue to grief much longer than others. For example, often a separation from a loved one who dies carries a deep sense of abandonment. I call this the Orphan Archetype, from mythology (of the collective unconscious, e.g., C.G, Jung, MD). Whenever an intense emotion arises in such a circumstance it is always due to the constellation of an archetype. Since an archetype is a product of the Collective Unconscious (e.g., CG Jung) it is always difficult to handle, and therapy with a Jungian, like myself, will be able to guide you through it and bring you to safety. The hallmark of an archetype that has been constellated is not only the emotional intensity, but the overwhelming feeling that it cannot be tamed with logic. Once this is sorted out in therapy, the meaning of the seemingly meaningless experience will take you to a higher level in your soul growth.

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