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Experiences of trauma can be complicated, having many aspects to them. All trauma has a post traumatic effect. After the horrors of fighting in a war it may seem that nothing could be worse than that. But any circumstance that causes PTSD can cause one to feel haunted by it for years afterward, such as the shock of a loved one dying suddenly, or young; or a painful divorce that leaves a person feeling overcome with guilt due to poor communication and lack of closure; or anything in life that grabs you and shakes you to the ground. As a therapist I rely upon some very clear indications as to how and where to start. There are ways to help set into motion your discovery of the most painful aspects of it, with a clear course of resolution, resulting in freedom from a heavy burden. Guilt is the first thing to let go of as it is a made-up emotion in this culture, and counterproductive, to say the least. These are just

Fortunately, the post graduate training institutes that I have been certified from, have given me a deep understanding of how to effectively work with a trauma patient. I have trained at three different Manhattan institutes and have used them in my 27 years of experience, which has enabled me to work gently with you in order to help you open, in a poignant way, to reach your heart center where the healing takes place. You will be using your imagination to connect your feelings (with the mind) to connect to the body chakra that feels related to it. I have a tool box of very powerful yet peaceful techniques that create a shift in your consciousness where healing takes place.

PTSD from terrifying and violent experiences as a soldier fighting a war; from a violent childhood environment; from childhood sexual abuse remembered later in life or at the time; trauma from emotional deprivation; psychological and mental abuse trauma; trauma from the death of a loved one, and many others, can be healed with consistent therapy. I will look at your experiences from dreams, from which you may use creative active imagination, a Jungian technique to help expand your awareness and obtain closure. By re-experiencing the greif the trauma caused helps to let it go. This can give new meaning to your life and help you to go on with life, regaining passion and joy.

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